Weekly Training Program

Weekly Training Program

10.00 every week

Want to get personal training services without the cost of a full month’s worth of workouts all at once? You’re in luck!

Leave out the guess work and have your workouts laid out for you at the low cost of $10 a week! Yes, only $10!

Here’s what you can expect with this program:

  • 4 days of handpicked workouts made just for you

  • Exercises that work your arms, abs, legs, back and booty

  • Challenging but fun workouts to help you reach your fitness goals

  • Access to me via email or any of my social media channels 24/7

    Ready to get started? Of course you are! Sign up now and you’ll be checking off your fitness goals in no time!

The convenience of these weekly sessions ensure you’ll always have a workout waiting for you, so no excuses!

This is a subscription service and you will be charged $10 each week for this workout program. Now let’s work!

Weekly subscriptions can be stopped at anytime with no penalty. All sales are final. No refunds.