5 Best Outdoor Workouts

Now that the days last a little bit longer (thank you daylight savings!), it’s the perfect time to take your workouts outdoors.

It’s something about warmer days that just make me want to get outdoors by any means necessary and what better excuse than to get your workout on!

Outdoor Workout Pic

Here is a roundup of the 5 Best Outdoor Workouts

  1. Walking/Running: No equipment needed for this exercise and if you can walk or run uphill, even better! Any form of walking is great, but by at least walking briskly, you’re guarantee to burn more calories than taking a regular stroll. If you can find some stairs, try going up and down for at least 30 minutes. That will give you a full body workout that will be sure to bring on the sweat!

  2. Stair workouts: I still can’t believe Rocky Balboa ran up all 72 of those steps! Though his character is fictional, the caloric burn from running up stairs is not! In additional to the cardiovascular benefits, climbing stairs tones your calves, thighs and especially your glutes/booty/bum muscles. You can also switch it up and do squats and lunges on the stairs. Stair climbing burns more calories than jogging, so lace up and get to work!

  3. Soccer: In Charlotte, there are a ton of parks that have soccer nets, all you need is the ball. Unfortunately, none of us are soccer pros, but we love to go out as a family and play soccer 2 on 2 when the weather gets warm. Not only is it fun, but you’re breaking a sweat without even thinking about it. Soccer is a great cardio exercise due to all of the running back and forth. Add kicking and stopping to the equation and you’re working your lower body muscles as well. Grab a ball and get moving!

  4. Basketball: You guessed it, I’m not a basketball pro either, but it’s also a fun sport that burns a ton of calories. From the jumping, running, passing and throwing, basketball provides you with a full body workout that will definitely have you sore the next day! The great thing about all of these exercises is that they can be done solo or with a group of people. No excuses, pick your fav and get it done!

  5. HIIT: High intensity interval training or HIIT for short is a series of exercises done for a specific time period, say 40 seconds, with a 20 second break. My favorite exercises to include in a HIIT routine are jumping jacks, squats, push ups, and lunges. This is a great “no weights needed” exercise. A timer or stopwatch is the only thing you’ll need. You’d do one exercise, say jumping jacks for 40 seconds then rest for 20 seconds. Next, you’d perform squats for 40 seconds then rest for 20 seconds. You would continue until you get through all of the exercises, then rest for 45 seconds to 1 minute and then repeat the circuit over for 4-5 sets. HIIT are great to incorporate into your fitness routine 3 to 4 times a week. They can literally be done anywhere, at any time.

Out of the 5, which will you most likely try first?

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