About Shantel

You ever look back at think, "Wow! Maybe I should have done this or that differently?" Well that was me.

My weight and appearance had always been an issue but I always brushed it off and didn't take it serious until I was breathing heavily just to walk up one flight of stairs and taking a serious look at myself in the mirror.

I was never the skinny girl and I didn't care to be. I wasn’t completely comfortable in my skin and knew I needed to get my health on track.

I was back and forth with trying the newest fad diet and going to the gym on and off until I decided enough was enough. I joined a biggest loser contest at my old job, started tracking my meals (thanks MyFitnessPal!) and eating healthier. I even started going to the gym on a regular basis and the rest was history.

I was feeling better, looking better and the number on the scale started decreasing. I was motivating my co-workers to eat healthier, going on walks during my lunch break and with the help of my sister, created Health Fit Fab!

Yes, you can be healthy, fit, and fabulous. You don't have to have a six pack or wear a size 3 to be consider fit. Fit is healthy. Fit is strong. Fit is sexy. Fit is YOU! It's time to put yourself first and make your health a priority. You deserve it!