Welcome to the 21 day spring fitness challenge!

Let the Gains Begin- 21 Day Fitness Challenge.png

NO more excuses. join the challenge and watch you body transform!

Challenge Runs: March 4th - March 24th


And guess what?! It’s an online challenge! Though I will miss seeing your smiling faces, you can join the challenge from anywhere. All the info will be emailed to you so make sure you spell check! Let’s get started!


Are You UP For The Challenge?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, this challenge is for you!

  • Do you workout, but don’t see any changes in your body?

  • Have you reached a plateau and need to switch up your routine?

  • Did you make New Year resolutions and need help reaching them?


Why should you join?

* Burn calories through intense cardio & strength workouts.

* You have goals right? Time to crush them!

* Get into the habit of working out consistently.

* Finish healthier, learn new skills, and have fun!


challenge details

*$10 for a copy of the challenge calendar

*2 Rest Days Weekly

*Runs March 4 - March 24

*Workouts can be done at home or gym.

*3 Strength Days & 2 Cardio Days Weekly

*Weights aren’t required, but can be used at your discretion.

*This is an online challenge.

*As soon as you purchase, the calendar will be sent straight to your email!

The challenge has started so you won’t be eligible for prizes but you can still join us with the workouts!


Are you ready to get those gains?